Chapter 1: Tao and Chinese Sexology

Chapter 2: The Yellow Emperor's Sex Guide

Chapter 3: Foreplay and Kissing

Chapter 4: All About Sexual Positions

Chapter 5: The Bewitching Female Sex Techniques

Chapter 6: Making Love

Chapter 7: The Tug of Love

Chapter 8: Marriage Principles

Chapter 9: Yuan: Affinity and Retribution in Sex

Chapter 10: Gigolos, Prostitutes, and Playboys

Chapter 11: Sex and Chinese Sorcery

Chapter 12: Sex and Chinese Military Strategy

Chapter 13: Sexual Warfare

Chapter 14: Sex and Religion

Chapter 15: Chinese Physiognomy and Sex

Chapter 16: Sex and the Five Senses

Chapter 17: Sex and Wealth

Chapter 18: Sex and Health

Chapter 19: Chi Fa: Taoist Breathing Techniques

Chapter 20: Impotence

Chapter 21: Aphrodisiacs

Chapter 22: The Debate on Size

Chapter 23: General Sex Principles

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