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Making a payment with the PayPal system is easy. If you have an email address and are located in the USA and a number of international destinations included in the PayPal network, you may use PayPal. To place an order and pay by PayPal, please use the following steps:

1. Click on the PayPal Order button beside the item you wish to purchase (items listed below).

2. You will immediately be taken to the PayPal order form. If this is the only item that you wish to purchase, follow the instructions on the PayPal order form. The price, shipping charge, and appropriate tax will be calculated.

3. If you would like to order additional items, press the "Continue Shopping" button on the payment page and you will be returned to this page. You can then click on the PayPal button beside the other item(s) you wish to order.

4. If you would like to remove items from your Shopping Cart, just click on the box under "Remove." You can then update your cart and the item will be removed from your order.

PayPal will obtain your means of payment (PayPal account, debit, credit card or "Pay Me Later") and shipping information and provide it to Vision Press Films. We will fill your order as soon as possible and let you know when it is being processed. Please note that you do not need to have an account with PayPal in order to pay with your credit card or debit card.

Item Information

Item Item Description Cost/Item Order
Book #1 Taoist Sex Secrets $89.00
Book #2 Chinese Taoist Sorcery SOLD OUT
Book #3 Ocultismo Chino: El Arte Del Desquite $89.00
Book #4 The Prophecies of China SOLD OUT
Book #5 Chinese Money Principles $89.00
Book #6 Pa Kua: The Gentleman's Boxing NOT AVAILABLE
DVD #1 Chi Fa Techniques $89.00
DVD #2 Pa Kua $89.00
DVD #3 Hsing-I Chuan $89.00
DVD #4 Tai Chi Chuan $89.00
Chart 1 (Set of 2) Chinese Archery NOT AVAILABLE
Chart 2 Nanchaku Chart NOT AVAILABLE

All sales final. Defective items will be replaced.

Thank you

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